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About i2i

i2i (idea2innovation) is a programme through which persons are invited to submit innovative projects via an ideas challenge for an opportunity to gain grant funding and technical support to move those ideas to the proof of concept stage. It is an initiative of the CCI as part of its activities around building innovation awareness and capacity within Trinidad & Tobago.

i2i is made up of two parts: the challenge phase and the programme phase.

Challenge Phase

In the challenge phase, persons are guided on how to think through the steps of taking an idea to proof-of-concept with a view to eventually producing some real value to society. They are encouraged to submit their proposals for evaluation by an independent evaluation panel who will go on to select and award submissions based on a set of pre-determined criteria. Broadly, ideas are evaluated on their innovativeness and their demonstration of likeliness for developing into a bankable/impactful innovation.

Within the challenge phase, we provide supportive materials and events to help you along in preparing your application and meeting like-minded persons.

Programme Phase

The programme phase represents what applicants can potentially win through i2i! In this phase, successful applicants are supported in moving their idea to the proof-of-concept stage. This is done through a mix of the following:

  • Grant funding (between $75,000 and $200,000, depending on the specific needs of the project workplan)
  • Workplan guidance and technical support (provided by CARIRI)
  • Community support from i2i peers, proven entrepreneurs and industry professionals (provided through workshops, seminars etc.)

For more details on this phase, we invite you to visit our About the Programme page.