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A list of entrepreneurship - related initiatives within Trinidad & Tobago categorised under the different domains of an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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2012 Awardees

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Manufacturing/ Mechanical Inventions

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
1 Leonardo Mohamed Individual Multifunctional Screw Drill Multifunctional Screw Drill that shall be used for the testing of structures and the composition of various soil types and well for sampling , boring and extracting
2 Wintun Glasgo Company (Micro) Portar Garage An innovative protective vehicle accessory the “portar garage”, a portable garage system
3 Merle Ramsewak and Ronald Aguilar Project Team Plenty Pastelles, One Board “Plenty pastelles”, a one board device that can be used to assemble varying sizes of pastelles at one time
4 Edmund Ramtahal Company (Micro) Doubles Production Machinery Doubles production machinery for automating the production of barra for doubles making
5 Michael Williams Individual Portable Washing Machine A compact, easy to assemble, easy-to-use, man-powered Portable Washing Machine
6 Sonja Sinaswee and Navin Badoolal Project Team Pastelle Maker A Pastelle Maker to partially mechanize the pastelle making process
7 Greer Jones-Woodham Individual Print House Print House, the cross-disciplinary approach involving graphic software for the manufacturing of textiles
8 Nekisha Charles Individual V Toria Rhonda Vineyard & Winery V Toria Rhonda Vineyard & Winery Ltd a local a semi-automated vineyard and winery consisting of your favorite local fruits
9 Jomo Wahtuse Individual JW Bykemower Execise Apparatus JW BYKEMOWER EXERCISE APPARATUS, the multi gear exercise machine and lawn mower combined
10 Gregory Diaz Individual N.’Shoe “Nshoe” the internal shoe brush used for cleaning and scrubbing all types of shoes
11 Ancel Bhagwandeen Individual Battery déjà vu “Battery Déjà vu”, a product that reverses lead battery failures and brings them back to power capacity


No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
12 Cordell Lawrence Company (Micro) Map Ninja “Map Ninja”, a GPS data collection application
13 Shurla Gopee Sydney, Kurtis Rudd, and Dwight Andrews Project Team Kidsafe TT “Kidsafe TT” a programme geared towards effectively equipping children of Trinidad and Tobago with proper safety procedures
14 Hazel Ann La Fortune,Kirk O’neil lewis Project Team Gourmet Kids Culinary Club “Gourmet kids culinary club” the club where children can foster lifelong healthy eating habits, by helping children to choose, cook and eat safe, healthy food
15 Steven Edwards Company (Micro) Teaching Through Theatre and Tech. Teaching through theatre and technology a project targeting the youths in Laventille exposing them to arts, vocals and dance coupled with a sound knowledge of operating and optimizing the use of new ICT’s
16 Anna Maria Khan Individual The Felicitas Project The Felicitas Project, an online assistance programme to aid children, parents, teachers and guardians with the social issues that arise in our students lives

Creative Industries

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
17 Sean Thomas Individual Calypso Real Books Calypso Real Book which introduces and addresses calypso into the world of academics
18 Shawn Chong-Ashing Individual Site Seer Site seer, a digital portal that takes the user from a real world tourist location, into the limitless digital world
19 Karisa Phillip Individual Lagoon Animation Studios Lagoon animation studios, a local 3d and 2d production house geared towards animation production
20 Cathleen Jones and Leon Murray Project Team Carnival GPS Carnival GPS an interactive online and mobile website dedicated to the activities related to carnival
21 Elliot Ash Company (Micro) DTATTI DTATTI – Developing The Art Form Through Technological Innovation a web application aimed at better organizing local talent competitions
22 Kevin Steeple Individual Glitz Glamour and Goodwill Glitz, Glamour and Goodwill the production of craft dolls reflecting our culture and traditions

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
23 Randall De Freitas Company (Micro) Crowd Sourcing Problems “Crowd Sourcing Problems” which will promoting crowdsourcing to to the nation to help solve our national problems
24 Victor Dolabaille Individual SEA Math Master SEA Math Master a fully interactive computer video game, it will allow students to learn math at their own pace
25 Yogendranath Ramsingh Company (Micro) Javelin Javelin, allowing companies and employees to easily track and access vital information pertinent to their employee benefits packages
26 Andre Dickson, Narrin Jonas and Colin Dain Phillip Project Team Mobilitti Mobilitti a time logistics system for scheduling access of vehicular traffic to road based transport systems
27 Kiran Kevin Sankar, Yadav Mohip and Govind Boodoosingh Project Team a website and mobile app dedicated to the clothing industry in Trinidad and Tobago
28 ReveliNo Guevara Company (Micro) WI Books WI Books a series of digital books promoting and highlighting the traditions and culture of the Caribbean
29 Edward Ramkissoon, Lonell Liburd, Nicholas Chamansingh, Kris Manohar, Kyle de Freitas Project Team Carib Cultivate Carib Cultivate a mobile-web hybrid application that acts as the first step in creating a Caribbean wide Data Repository
30 Lisa Allen-Agostini Individual Carib e-Books Carib e-Books a publishing house aimed at producing Caribbean e-books
31 Shawn De Freitas, Deidre Cristal Lee Kin and Ryan Chan Project Team Dingole Dingole a social commerce platform for the Caribbean fashion industry
32 Wesley Gervais Individual HiveSource Hive Source a robust and scalable web based outsourcing marketplace
33 Sheba Mohammid Individual Crea84Good (The Elecouray Proect) Crea84Good- The “eLacouray” Project a user-generated and interactive digital e-book application on Trinidad and Tobago carnival
34 Cara Singh Individual LimeJuice Limejuice, a social platform which will bring together reviews and ratings of local hotspots in Trinidad
35 Kailash Maharaj, Kristopher Maillard, Christian Lalla, Lenny Kumar Project Team Tassa Mobile App Tassa Mobile App, an application that can be played on all the major mobile phones and rablet platforms

Agriculture/ Agro-industrial Processing

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
36 David Ablack Individual Hydroponic Farm Hydroponic Farm, a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water and without soil
37 Jesse Bartoo Individual Farmer’s Friend Farmer’s Friend designed to assist farmers individuals/groups participating in farming related activities
38 Rhea King-Julien, Shaun Alleyne, Alana Jute, Seema Ramkissoon, Addison Titus Project Team My Aqua Vege My Aqua Vege, a refinement of existing aquaponics technology aimed at increasing the efficiency and profitability of backyard units
39 Craig J Ramlal, Katherine Ramlal, Steaven McMillan, Melissa Suraj, Kyle Hunte Project Team SAAVF Scalable adaptive autonomous vertical farm that would allow for farmers to densely produce different types of crops on a commercial scale
40 Nicholas Cyrus Individual Nursery Seeder A small hand held device that allows the user to sow small seeds like pachoi and celery directly into the soil
41 Christian Young Singh Individual Fin Ray Aquatics Fin Ray Aquatics, home aquaponic system for personal use as well for educational institutions

Food & Beverage

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
42 Shirley Vilain Company (Micro) Quick Gourmet Caribbean Rum Cake Quick Gourmet Caribbean rum cake a product that shall be vacuumed sealed for freshness and packaged in materials showing the trinbagoian culture
43 Jamila Gamero Individual Brixton Market Brixton market, an organization that hopes to bring authentic, indigenous gourmet Trinidadian and Caribbean specialty foods under one market
44 Vernice Seebaran and Atiba Perouze Project Team Tje Dou Tje Dou, a product that promotes locally produced sweets such as tamarind balls, toolum, fudge and barfi
45 Vishnu Balgobin Company (Micro) SMAKS SMAKS, the merging of alcohol with tea to create a new and unique brand (chai Rum)
46 Jamillah David Individual Roots “Roots” the instant noodles that will be made of cassava flour

Waste Management/ Green Industries

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
47 Clarance Tobias, Catherine Beard, Jude Patrick and Verlier Quan Vie Project Team Save a Sole Save a sole project which is a shoe recycling initiative targeted to youths in rural areas and the underprivileged in our society
48 Richard James, Sara Jade Govia, Stephon Hutton, Vindachal Maraj and Akeil Peters Project Team Automatic River Cleaner Automatic river cleaner, a mechanism that could be central in alleviating rivers of floating solid waste s materials such as plastics and rubber
49 Shervon Penco, Ankus de Mille, Kobina Akim Wilson Project Team Project Green Office An environmentally conscious company that aims to reduce carbon footprint, the Project Green Office
50 Layne De Chi Individual T.R.I.N.I.T.E T.R.I.N.I.T.E (TRASH RECEPTACLE INNOVATIONS NEEDED IN THE ENVIRONMENT), a garbage storage device, primarily for outdoor domestic use