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A list of entrepreneurship - related initiatives within Trinidad & Tobago categorised under the different domains of an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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2013 Awardees

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Agro-Industrial Processing

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
1 Michael Parris Company (Micro) Construction of Solar Dryers for Sun Dried Banana Production Construction of an Advanced Solar Dryer and Commercialization of Sun Dried Banana Production

Alternative/Remedial Energy and Energy Efficiency

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
2 Satnarine Singh Individual Increasing Engine Efficiency by Modifying the Turbo Charger This project seeks to increase the efficiency of engines by removing and reconfiguring the turbo charger, yet maintaining the same power output with a lower fuel consumption.
3 Martin Lee John Individual Movable Heads on an Internal Combustion Engine The design and prototyping of movable short pistons that seal the ends of combustion cylinders in an Internal Combustion Engine.

Creative Industries

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
4 Jere Andrews Company (Micro) Caribbean Treasures Caribbean Treasures (CT) is a fun-filled multi-language free online adventure game designed for children between the ages of 11-14.
5 Eddison Alfred Individual Automative Sleep Imobiliser The Automotive Sleep Imobiliser is a device which utilises a pinhole type camera and electronic circuitry to safely bring a vehicle to a complete stop without the drivers help, when the device detects that the driver is asleep or falling asleep while driving.
6 Jeunanne Alkins Individual Bim and Bam Adventure Series Bim and Bam is a new multimedia series that follows the adventures of two children as they navigate the diverse environment, festivals and multicultural sights, sounds and tastes of Trinidad and Tobago.
7 Joseph Rivers Individual The Calypso Song Book A collection of selected calypsoes that are categorised into ten decades (1912 – 2013). The C.S.B. series will be presented in standard music notation format that shows melody, lyrics and chords.
8 Leigh Taylor Company (Micro) Listen to your mom – 3D Animated Series A 15 Minute comedic 3D animated series based in Trinidad and Tobago that is aimed towards persons between 5-19 yrs old.
9 Nina Leonard Individual Play Mas The creation of a board game about the experience of playing mas (masquerade). It is based on the annual Carnival festival that is a staple event in Trinidad & Tobago’s national arena.

Environment (Clean Technologies, Eco-related Activities)

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
10 Troy Smith Individual Greencrete Reinforced Concrete Composite An innovative concrete mixture made using “green” materials from plant fibres to enhance the structure and composition of concrete.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
11 Michael Wiltshire Company (Micro) Crick-Crack Digital Game Crick-Crack will be a digital game accessed through your web browser or tablet and is intended to promote our cultural heritage while providing hours of entertainment at the same time.
12 Omar Lewis Individual Crab Catcher Crab Catcher is a Caribbean-based studio produced, stop motion animated video game.
13 Adrian Ewing Project Team Immersive Language Learning Application Innovators in Education aims to produce applications in the subject areas of English Language Arts, Spanish and French, for use in the classroom via student laptops and/or mobile devices.
14 Ian Alleyne Individual Paywise  Paywise will seek to provide a ready internet solution for entrepreneurs who wish to conduct ecommerce easily, securely and cost effectively by leveraging the online banking services offered by regional banks to enable customers to make payments directly to merchants quickly and securely.
15 Kevan St Brice Project Team Caribbean Education Platform The Caribbean Education Platform(CEP) is a comprehensive, web-based, educational platform providing students low-cost, quality and revolutionary educational and assessment tools, facilitating mass, provisional and effective education.
16 Quinten Questel Project Team Birds of Trinidad and Tobago Mobile App The Birds of Trinidad and Tobago Interactive Mobile App will allow locals as well as foreigners, to access and have a virtual encounter with the amazing indigenous birds of Trinidad and Tobago.
17 Anil Ramnanan Company (Micro) HelpQ An app that will provide persons with a virtual ticket and alerts them via their mobile when they get to the head of a line.
18 Anthony Inglefield Company (Micro) Touchpoint A web-based application to manage any typeof print communication asset through GPS pinned records on Google maps
19 Carlton De Silva Gordon Individual Continuous Commuter Capacity Register A unit to be used in passenger transport vehicles to alert the driver and potential passengers of the current capacity of the vehicle.
20 David Cockburn Project Team Taxi Me to Taxi Me to will be a service which utilizes information technology to make accessing transportation services more efficient to both consumers and transportation companies.
21 Kevan Sinanan Individual Bluetooth Key and Lock Proximity Sensors Bluetooth Key and Lock proximity sensors to help homeowners and janitorial personnel to spend less time searching for the correct key within multiple keys in a key chain.

Manufacturing and Manufacturing Related

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
22 Christian Chin Individual The Shop Wizard The ShopWizard is a multi-function 5 axis modular woodworking station. With its multi-axis, previously complicated wood joints are now achievable.
23 Leonardo Mohamed Project Team A Multifunctional Mechanical Coupling/Locking System  This multifunctional tool can be used as an anchoring or locking system, a coupling device for pulling or pushing or lifting, a mechanical pin, bushing or drive, a rotating device and a desalination vessel head extractor device.
24 Ryan James Company (Micro) GoBox – The mobile kiosks GoBox uses recycled shipping containers to provide pop-up spaces such as stores, restaurants, art galleries andemergency shelters.
25 Andrew Smith Individual Mixed Flow Centrifugal Pump The design and development of a new mixed flow centrifugal pump which has many inventive concepts that increases performance and energy efficiency.
26 Dwight Porter Individual Disposable Sterilized Medical Rooms Disposable Sterilized Medical Rooms will be used to facilitate the quarantine and medical examination of persons infected with a contagious disease.
27 Estevan Dubrisingh Project Team Evaporative Cooler The Evaporative Cooler is an air conditioning (AC) unit for hot, dry climates that utilizes the evaporation of water to cool and clean air that is drawn through it.
28 Gene Jones Individual Portable Automatic Water Closet Fully automated, the self-cleaning Portable Water Closet  will provide an alternative to the most commonly used plastic portable toilets.
29 Shyamal Chandradathsingh Individual Wireless Paired Following Spotlight and Transmitter A wireless controller for spotlights that removes the need for a human spotlight operator.
30 Ancel Bhagwandeen Individual Rhythms & Hues, Sticks & Tones A usable electronic tenor performance pan stick. The products will conform to original pan stick dimensions/weights but offer sound triggered multicolored light displays to augment any Pan performance.
31 Jerome Smith Individual See the Sound See the Sound addresses the needs of hearing impaired individuals, by seeking to create a device that allows them to detect sounds/dangers/activities in and around their environment both indoors and outdoors.
32 Aaron Doug Deen Individual Multipurpose Angiographic Catheter A Multipurpose Catheter for use in angiographic catheterization which reduces the required number of diverse catheter shapes by half.
33 Ambokile Adio Individual Sports Watch The production of a wrist watch specifically designed for sports persons.
34 Deidra Taylor Individual Stocky A combination of a sock and stocking to offer comfort and protection for wearers.
35 Jomo Wahtuse Individual JW Venturi Acoustic Electronic Pan An  electronic  steelpan instrument   which incorporates   the  Venturi Principal as a  part of its construction.

Primary Agriculture, Bio-technology

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
36 David Nedd Project Team Barley Fed Rabbits/Aeroponic Lettuce An all natural feed protocol for the rabbit industry in Trinidad and Tobago, and the use of the manure from the rabbits to produce an organic fertilizer that will be used to grow lettuce aeroponically.
37 Gillian Goddard Individual The Commercial Production and sale of Spirulina The commercial production and sale of Arthospira platensis – an edible blue-green algae commonly known as Spirulina.


No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
38 Troy Hector Project Team Caribbean Market Square Caribbean Market Square is an electronic shopping platform that will exclusively sell Caribbean products from Caribbean merchants and manufacturers.
39 Revelino Guevara Company (Micro) Wi Library A website that will provide a common location to store,access and market Caribbean content in digital format.
40 Alana Abdool Project Team WeCricket WeCricket is a web portal that will highlight the rising stars of cricket/ cricket teams and serve as a “go-to” statistics resource for cricket match scores.
41 Aleksandr Albert Company (Micro) Routter Routter is an internet service which aims to provide an unparalleled mapping, traffic, and navigation solution for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.
42 Clyde George Organisation Bertie Marshall Pan Institute An Educational Instutition that promotes a year-round pan study program.
43 Kevin Bhall Project Team TT Creative Cloud TT Creative Cloud will be an online interactive platform and storage solution that allows seamless collaboration amongst industry professionals on single or multiple creative projects.
44 Wilhelm Nothnagel Individual The City Kind: Urban Design & Architecture The City Kind is an architect-led Urban Design & Architecture studio whose purpose is to improve our cities by applying the principles of New Urbanism in design work and research projects.
45 Claude Marshall Individual Kids Programming Starter Program (KPSP) A program that introduces computer programming t persons under the age of 17 in a “fun” environment.
46 Derron Sandy Project Team The Spoken Syllabus A series of spoken word/music videos based on CSEC topics to be provided to schools across the English Speaking Caribbean.
47 Gerard Andrews Project Team Taksi Taksi, (taxi) is a transportation website and smartphone application (APP).
48 Jeaneen Bharat Company (Micro) Customer Satisfaction Feedback A unique customer feedback system that will be both economical and will provide clients with timely feedback from their customers.
49 Kathy-Ann Mackay Individual Peace Education Socialization Programme A programme designed to train students and produce responsible citizens of T&T, and reduce violence, indiscipline and crime in the society.
50 Sterling Ramroach Project Team Quick Sell TT QuickSellTT connects buyers and sellers in a virtual online market by providing easy to use and accessible interfaces.


No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
51 Navin Baboolal Company (Micro) Electronic  Guided Tours of T&T A series of electronic (audio and video) guided tours of sites throughout Trinidad and Tobago that possess cultural/historical significance.

Food and Beverage

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Project Description
52 Barbara Seunarine Company (Micro) Family Style Family Style is a food and nutrition project that will reach people via Print, Internet and Mobile media.
53 Marlene Davidson Individual Caribbean Diabetic Cooking Show The Caribbean Diabetic Cooking Show will be ultimately geared towards people suffering from diabetes and/or other lifestyle diseases where healthy eating is a necessity to a healthy life.