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A list of entrepreneurship - related initiatives within Trinidad & Tobago categorised under the different domains of an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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2014 Awardees

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Alternative/Remedial Energy and Energy Efficiency

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
1 Faiyet Mohammed Individual Affordable desiccant cooling system for greenhouses using renewable energy An evaporative cooling system for greenhouses that allows for improved efficiency as it relates to  power consumption and the cooling effect.
2 Arshad Mohammed Project Team Hydrogen Oxygen Recovery Integrated System (HORIS) Arshad Mohammed
Leanda Bidaisee
Carima Ali
Melissa Sankar
Ornella Mano
HORIS is a system designed to increase the efficiency of the internal combustion engines and in turn decrease fuel consumption of the engine. This will be done using recovered energy from the internal combustion engine’s exhaust.

Creative Industries

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
3 Emeka Kyce Farrier Individual Caribbean Story Blocks Caribbean Story Blocks is a web platform that allows Caribbean authors (users) to tell stories one paragraph at a time – each one being a story “block”. Taken together, the “blocks” form collaborative story “trails”.
Users can start new stories,continue stories started by others, create story variants or extend a story into a new path at any point in the existing story . Users can also follow any of the story paths and rate what they read providing a natural means for “sniffing” out the path with the most potential to be a “hit novel or piece.”
4 Jaime Lee Loy Individual Imagination Keepsakes Customisable stories targetted at children up to the age of 12 that would serve the purpose of entertaining and educating on various aspects of our local Trinidad & Tobago culture.
5 Hollis Bhopa Project Team Lezzzgo Jeffrey Ortmann
Kurt Belgrave
Lezzzgo is an online event service that incorporates social networking data to provide a customized events news feed & push notifications on what events persons might want to attend based on various inputs and preferences.
6 Malenee Singh Individual Music Generator for Hindustani Classical Music A text-based music reader that would be capable of producing an entire musical composition in voice and other musical instruments related to Hindustani Classical music.
7 Brian Ian Matthew Benoit Individual PANIMATION 2D Animated Cartoon Panimation is a 2D animated cartoon aimed at teaching young children all aspects of the steel pan in a fun and creative way.
8 Ariel Akara Leigh Wolffe Individual StoryNation An application that would allow children/users to create stories and watch them come to life in the form of animation. The idea is to encourage creativity and stimulate the imagination by watching their stories play out.
9 Jeunanne Alkins Individual The Mini-ficent 7 DIY playhouse kit The kit would consist of do-it-yourself ‘Magnificent 7’ replica playhouses for children made from biodegradable and low environmental impact materials.

Environment (Clean Technologies, Eco-related Activities)

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
10 Jordan Millar Company Biodegradable Oil Dispersant A product which will explore various combinations of the right raw materials (surfactants & emulsifiers) to produce an efficient  biodegradable oil dispersant.
11 Ian Raphael Smart Company WeGreenArmy This Android application is a combination of best practices from current environmental websites that integrates the role-play element of ‘Environmental missions’ and development of levels of ‘training and attainment’The missions would be challenging environmental issues on which the WGA can make an impact e.g. planning & implementation of a community recycling program.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
12 Nissan Reddi Dookeran Individual BushMedBook A web-enabled mobile application for a user-driven (“crowdsourced”) catalogue of primarily local plants and herbs used in “bush medicine” or other herbal remedies that have been popularised over time as treatment alternatives or supplements to traditional medicine.
13 Dwight Stephenson Individual Everyone Can Read Everyone Can Read is a mobile application that will assist persons with dyslexia in reading. Everyone Can Read will allow persons to change the color of the screen, the words, reverse words, reverse letters and alter every element of a document to ensure the document is easier to read for the reader.
14 Vijay Dialsingh Project Team Grow Smartt Vijay Dialsingh
Priyabhashani Ramsaroop
A mobile agricultural application in Trinidad and Tobago to bring specific local advice to farmers and gardeners at all levels of skill and experience. “Growsmartt ” will identify,diagnose and provide solutions to plant problems that are endemic but not limited  to T&T through a unique combination of  information sharing software and a social network of farmers, agricultural professionals and industry stakeholders.
15 Leslie Thais Ovid-Villaroel Individual LOOKOUT.TT LOOKOUT  is an app that would allow citizens to participate in a national network through which they could anonymously report incidences of crime within their community or throughout certain geographies. These incidences would then be leveraged in various ways to help in crime prevention efforts throughout the country.
16 Darielle Allard Project Team Notezilla Darielle Allard
Jéan-Lé Des Ètages           Josh Ragbir
A platform that allows students to share educational resources they’ve created through a variety of mediums such as video, text, slideshows and comics in an informal environment.The idea is to help foster a culture that encourages more autonomy in education.
17 Julian Chester Project Team Quick Shopr Julian Chester
Jason Fraser
Anuja Ramdath
Sheldon Alexander
A smartphone application and its supporting platform which will serve as a price comparison platform for supermarkets and other consumer outlets.
18 Donnell Jeffers Individual WHERE IS MY BUS / TRACK MY BUS A mobile application for people using the public transportation system. The app allows persons to track bus locations and estimated times of arrival. It would also allow persons to purchase bus tickets via their phone credit

Manufacturing and Manufacturing Related

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
19 Leonardo Mohamed Team A Desalination Vessel Head Stabilizer Leonardo Mohamed
Leandro Mohamed
Alex Mohamed
A component meant to be used in Desalination Plants to help improve both cost and operational efficiency of the overall structure through the prevention of tiltage of the Desalination Vessel Head.
20 Kerri Beharry Individual Arthritic Pain Relief A hand massager aimed at alleviating pain from arthritis by overriding pain sensation with touch sensation. It will be integration of air pulse delivery to the affected area via a glove.
21 Nicole John-Thomas Individual Caribbean Science Kits Affordable science kits targeted primarily at children of the Caribbean. The refinement of the kits will have as its main goal the relationship of science theories to issues of particular relevance to children of the Caribbean.
22 Khemraj, Robin Ramkhalawan Individual Hydroponic Automated Controller A hydroponic controller that uses a modular approach to help farmers automate their hydroponic farms.  The controller will be able to manage Nutrient PH and EC, pumps and any other devices which are required to run a hydroponic farm.
23 Nicholas Cyrus Individual Pickup / Truck Tailgate Rack The Tailgate Rack is a device to be used on tailgates of pickups and small trucks to allow for the easier securing of material . Its main purpose is to ensure that material does not slide off of the back or to the side of the vehicle during loading and transit.
24 John Hussain Individual Steel Drum Guitar Effect An analog guitar effect pedal that would allow the production of steelpan sounds from an electric guitar through the use of several filter and equalization effects.
25 Ambokile Adio Project Team Tech-bag Ambokile Adio
Asha Thompson-Joseph
Roland Warner
This bag is designed to incorporate, portability, protection and usability.  With compartments for cell phones and accessories and a tablet and accessories. Usability is facilitated by one hole at the top of the bag to take the earphone, so while the bag is closed the user could be listening to any of their devices.  Also the bag has zips on both sides allowing the bag to open fully, so that the tablet could be used inside the bag.
26 Ruth Emmanuela Abigail Li Project Team The Headliner Series Steelpan Project: Quiet Pan Ruth Li                           Legena Henry The Quiet Pan of the Headliner Series Steelpan Project is a design modification to the steelpan. It uses the model of the steelpan but not the material. This instrument is made solely of acrylic.
The model uses the organology of idiophonic instruments and the acoustic properties of acrylic as a material for such instruments. The acrylic will sound as a mellow tone that is between that of wood and the steel, maintaining the same pitching of the steelpan and coming close to the timbre of the marimba that it mimics.
27 Jomo Wahtuse Individual The J.W. MULTISTAGE SHEET METAL SINKING PRESS A sheet metal  sinking  press designed   to  eliminate the problems of the development of cracks and other deformities on metal as it goes through the  process thickness reduction through mechanical means.
28 Vernelle A. A. Noel Individual Trinidad Carnival: Improving Design through Computation and Digital Technology This project aims to explore the integration of computation and digital technology to support design in the Trinidad Carnival.
Specifically, the project proposes to develop a tool to capture the unique, traditional art form of wire bending and through the use of digital technology, generate design alternatives that might inspire the design process.


No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
29 Priya Elizabeth Maharaj Company Dreamscape This project seeks to tap into the creativity of children through pictures (drawing/painting) and words (the picture should be titled and accompanied by a short narrative/story/description – no more than 400 words) to build on children’s self-agency for inventiveness through imagination.
30 Adrian Ravi Kishore Ramsingh Project Team e – StarTT (Showcasing Trinidad & Tobago Rising Sports Stars) Adrian Ramsingh
Ervin Bailey
An internet portal and mobile app which seeks to create a connecting link between local rising sports stars and potential sponsors from both Trinidad & Tobago and from around the world. It will also serve as a Trinidad & Tobago Sports Social Networking site for local sports fans.
31 Kim Mallalieu Project Team Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy Trinidad and Tobago Kim Mallalieu
Kevon Andrews
Sean Rocke
Daryl Samlal
Surujpal Teelucksingh
This project, formerly known as Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Trinidad and Tobago (GDMTT), will seek to implement a cost-sensitive, localized intervention in the health care system. At the heart of the project is a Web portal which supports the full cycle of data entry, flow and visualization between patient, doctor and medical laboratories for the management of diabetes in pregnancy.
32 Fallon Lutchmansingh Project Team Health Communication Fallon Lutchmansingh Anjani Sharma Arts in healthcare is a diverse, multidisciplinary field dedicated to transforming the healthcare experience by connecting people with the power of the arts at key moments in their lives. This initiative will transform the hospital and community environments by engaging individuals in creative activities, enhancing the healthcare experience and encouraging physical and emotional well-being.
33 Christian Chandler Organisation Injury Care Utility ICU is a life saving medical service provided through the use of a mobile application, website and web application. It will help emergency services pinpoint the location of individuals in need of assistance and will help individuals get to an emergency location faster.
34 Keith Laban Company Kinect Learning Kinect Learning is a project that involves the development of interactive educational software applications specific to our local and regional educational systems. These applications will be done through the Microsoft Xbox Kinect platform.
35 Camille Abrahams Individual KRIK KRAK APPS Krik Krak Apps are digital tools that use ‘Anansi’ stories as the basis to teach pre-schoolers the introductory principles of basic maths, science and IT.
36 Marlon Parieaho Project Team MobiAssist Marlon Parieaho
Shawn Melville
Winston Blackwood
The idea being developed is to create a mobile product/service that can assist  a visually impaired individual to navigate and avoid obstacles. The product will function using a range of sensors, GPS, cameras and microprocessors to provide real time feedback to the user about their environment.
37 Riekael Kezia Kistow Individual Officer Debbie – Safeguard Wristband The Safeguard Wristband was developed as a safety tool for both children and adults along with an easy to use application, Officer Debbie, for smartphones which will manage settings for the wristband and receive location updates. It is a preventative defense mechanism to monitor children, deter criminals serve as a link for aiding in the recovery of missing persons.
38 Dominic Alfred Company Optimo Health Platform The Optimo Health Platform will allow users to track the medical vital signs and locations of those using special wearable devices. When vital signs and location information go outside of pre-set parameters, an alert mechanism is activated and appropriate responders are contacted.
39 Jesse John Bartoo Individual Study It A mobile application that will use multiple choice questions, from all levels of education (CXC, CAPE, Tertiary-level, driving examinations etc., wherever multiple choice can be used as a testing scheme) to structure a gamified experience where a user can attempt questions in a fun, engaging and efficient manner.
40 Asiya Sanam Mohammed Company The Butterfly Project The Butterfly Project aims to empower women who are survivors of sexual and domestic violence by facilitating market access for their jewelry and art. The survivor becomes a supplier for Conflict Women, Ltd and receives a constant income each month for a period of two years. Each item is marketed with a human interest card sharing (anonymously) the designer’s story of domestic/ sexual abuse and a quotation, thus increasing public awareness.
41 Khafra Murray Individual Vigilant This product/service aims to automate manual processes both for those organisations that have whistle-blowing reporting functions and for those which cannot afford or currently do not have such a system.

Food and Beverage

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
42 Justin John Project Team Jelly Drink Justin Terrence John
Jessey Mitchell
This product is a method of preparing coconuts where the husk is totally removed down to the coconut meat with the coconut water still inside. Persons can then easily punch the meat with a straw and drink the water inside the meat. The meat will also crumble due to suction and make a delightful snack.