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A list of entrepreneurship - related initiatives within Trinidad & Tobago categorised under the different domains of an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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2015 Awardees

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Alternative/Remedial Energy and Energy Efficiency

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
1 Daniel Luke Individual DL 44 DL44 involves the production of a four shield system to convert 100% wind energy into electricity.
2 Simon Neptune Individual Artificial hydroelectric generator The artificial hydroelectric generator is a device that continuously generates electricity using the potential energy of water and recycles it within the system using an artificially induced water cycle.

Creative Industries

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
3 Felicia Chang Company My Story Plantain Productions My Story will develop a fun and interactive series of educational books for children 5-9 years old that will encourage them to record and explore their own family’s story or heritage and link their family’s history to T&T’s history.
4 Jason Lindsay Individual Caribbean Winter (CW) Caribbean Winter is an exclusive winter wear line developed in the Caribbean that fuses the functionality of one environment with the aesthetic of another.
5 Kristopher Maillard Individual Rhythm Section App Rhythm Section App will provide access to the entire range of instruments found in a steelband rhythm section such as the tassa drum, tenor steelpan, dudup steelpan (a two note steelpan), iron , scratcher, bottle and spoon etc. The app will be developed for all the major mobile phone and tablet platforms including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows Phone 7

Environment (Clean Technologies, Eco-related Activities)

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
6 Anu Lakhan Individual Islands Like Us Islands Like Us will present relevant and current information on climate change and issues relating to it in Small Island Developing States especially Trinidad & Tobago.
7 Richard Sebro Company MESICC ; Multiphase Environmental Scenario Immobilized Cellular Consortium Build Modern Tech Limited MESICC involves the use of an immobilized cell consortium derived using domestic bacteria from oil seeps within an organic substrate to clean  a broad spectrum of hydrocarbon contaminated soil and marine environments in a highly efficient and safe means.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
8 Omar Lewis Individual VIP (Vocal Impressions) Vocal Impressions (VIP) will allow the usage of verbal communication  on a social network allowing deeper levels of interaction and an optimal social experience.
9 Ishmael Martineaux Individual ‘ISIGHT’ sight reading board game and computer application ISIGHT is a fun and interactive boardgame for children and/or struggling readers that involves the usage of Dolch Sight Words List.
10 Richard Hope Individual A List A List generates a barcode identity for a cellular phone that is readable by the cash register system in order to receive receipts via your mobile phone
11 Kai Selvon Individual The Chaperone The Chaperone will be used to give athletes the freedom of self timing while being able to run to their max potential and keeping track of their heart rate via a semi-glove and stop watch interface screen.
12 Marlon Grant Individual Shake & Share Shake & Share is an armband device that allows individuals to exchange data (such as business cards, images etc.) with just one handshake
13 Steffan Boodhoo Project Team AgriDirect Jevon Alexis, Jherez Taylor AgriDirect is an application platform which will allow users such as farmers to notify others of agricultural produce that they are interested in buying or selling.
14 Nicholas Francis Individual Windshield Tag Bus Stop System The Windshield Tag Bus Stop System will track bus movements and communicate this information to the commuters by displaying the information at each bus stop. Information that will be provided includes the departure time of the bus, and its expected arrival etc.
15 Keith Laban Company The HoloClass SoftDev Interactive The HoloClass will allow virtual environments to be generated in the classroom for several subject areas allowing the user to be fully immersed within these virtual environments and create the ability to interact with various computer generated assets through the use of movement.
16 Brian Wood Company BRIZA Valuation & Inspection Clearing House BRIZA Technologies Limited The BRIZA Valuation and Inspection Clearing House is a facility primarily designed to service the needs of financial institutions and their service providers such as Property Valuators and Insurance Adjustors. Its goal is to transform the operations and interfaces employed by these players from extremely paper-intensive business processes and workflows to being fully automated and mobile.
17 Dharamrajh Ramdass Company RSC MOM (Mentorship of Maths) RSC International Ltd. RSC MOM (Mentorship of Mathematics) involves the creation of an academic mentorship program in Mathematics by designing a website for those who seek academic and curriculum-based assistance in mathematics. This will be achieved by self-directed learning, coupled with the infusion of ICT.
18 Ronnie Rampersad Project Team BreadKrumme Mobile application The BreadKrumme mobile application allows businesses to drop “breadcrumbs” for users to follow and collect free items. The Scavenger Hunt feature of Breadkrumme allows businesses to attract, gain and build lifelong customers while at the same time keeps users engaged as all users can win free prizes and explore the many treasures of T&T that may be hidden in plain sight.
19 Karlon St Bernard Individual LegalQuotesTT Legal Quotes TT is the first legal service platform that allows you to compare lawyers across Trinidad and Tobago getting quotes for your case from experts. This enables consumers to have the power to choose the level of experience the lawyer has while controlling the cost of the service.
20 Burton Baptiste Individual Mathematics by Animation for All. An animated delivery of Mathematics where a person can see what happens to the terms, lines and characters encountered in solving problems in mathematics allowing educators to have a means of bringing across subject matter in a manner that is likely to interest larger segments of the school population.
21 Alister Allert Individual SafeT SafeT is an application which will act as a panic alert and GPS tracker in the event of an emergency. The use of the panic button will contact the emergency services with a GPS location as well as snapshots taken from the mobile device of the individual in distress.
22 Okera Baptiste Individual Eduvation Eduvation is a learning tool that uses the gamification(applying the elements of game play) of learning to capture student’s attention as well as track and chart their progress.

Manufacturing and Manufacturing Related

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
23 David Cockburn Individual Acoustic Guitar Jamm Session The Acoustic Guitar Jamm Session uses the properties of the acoustic guitar’s soundboard in order to serve as a speaker to the music playing
24 Martin Lee John Individual CLUMPS CLUMPS involves the construction of buildings using  pre-engineered and specifically contoured slats and columns to assemble in a pre-determined shape thereby eliminating the use of cement and a labour intensive build.
25 Allison Sookhoo Individual Electrical Wire Twisting Tool The Electrical Wire Twisting Tool is a multipurpose tool which can automatically or manually twist single core stranded conductors as well as strip said wires at various levels of thickness.
26 Elton Bain Individual The Steelpan Drum Sinking Machine The Steelpan Drum Sinking Machine will concave sink steel drums for mass production whilst maintaining a consistent high standard
27 Leandro Mohamed Project Team Team Peptide Alex Mohamed, Leonardo Mohamed Team Peptide modifies the desalination vessel head extractor device to accommodate two hydraulic pulling bars and two hydraulic pulling cylinders and maximise the extracting force to extract a desalination vessel head.
28 Jennifer Moore Company Sarah’s Professional Pancase Centre LTD (SPPC) SARAH’S PROFESSIONAL PANCASE CENTRE LTD Manufacturing of a hard plastic pancase by using the thermoforming or rotational moulding process
29 Richard Barclay Individual Rotary Valve–Shaft Cylinder Head. A new Cylinder Head design which uses two (2) internally ported valve shafts to control the flow of  the intake charge and exhaust gases in a modern four stroke internal combustion engine.
30 Ancel Bhagwandeen Individual G.A.S., Gas and Air Sniffer G.A.S. is an integrated system which empowers a field worker to act as a mobile, online,  sensor platform for  Environmental hazards as it tracks and relays environmental conditions.
31 Navin Manickchan Individual Car Park Monitor Car Park Monitor will alert drivers of available parking without them having to traverse every lane of a parking lot. It uses an ultrasonic sensor that is exactly what is used for reverse parking to ascertain the status of a park and then to assist the person parking by providing visual cues in the form of strobe LED flashes and audible beeps on their position in the parking space.
32 Eddy Devisse Individual HowDboat? HowDboat? aims to develop and commercialize a sensor device that will remotely inform foreign and local boat owners of the status of their boat(s) moored in T&T. It will use commercially available electronic components and provide monitoring data to the boat owners via a secure website.

Primary Agriculture, Bio-Technology

No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
33 Nikita Legall Company PollenPrint Tropical Hives Limited The creation of a localised Pollen Register using software integration to produce a pollen index of improved value and enhanced efficiency thus producing results that can then be utilized by the bee keeper to improve honey production levels and achieve International Standards.
34 Chemraj Ramsaroop Individual Multipurpose Cassava and Seed Planter A multipurpose machine that plants cassava sticks, and grain/crops seeds while intercropping two different crops, mulch the crop, apply fertilizer and also control weeds.


No. Name Type of Submission Project Title Team Members Project Description
35 Carissa Samaroo Individual CrimeShield CrimeShield is an application which wil allow an individual to report a crime occuring by means of a push of button. This will allow the relevant authorities to receive a GPS indicating the crime at hand thus facilitating a quicker response time.
36 Aleem Hosein Individual PayTek PayTek seeks to enable an affordable and secure online and mobile payment system which uses a combination of the technologies and processes involved in PayPal, a Pre-paid credit system, an e-wallet and a financial analytics tool customized for Trinidad and Tobago.
37 Derek Emmanuel Company Prophylactic intervention through laboratory diagnosis Analytical Health Services Adoption of a pre-pathogenesis approach while matching a patient with the best treatment based on their specific biological markers, thereby tailoring treatment modalities to individual competence  and improved personalized healthcare.
38 Araceli Marchan Individual I Can Learn Program Inspired Success Series – Response to Information Kit The ICLP INSPIRED SUCCESS SERIES is a combination of portable kits that will be designed to help students and business employees succeed in their classrooms and workplaces as it helps with responsiveness to instructions and information.
39 Adrian Ramsingh Project Team MediCareTT (Comparing Trinidad & Tobago Medical Services) Ervin Bailey MediCareTT is a web Portal and mobile application which will allow T&T citizens to search for different medical services based on ratings and costs as offered by various medical institutions or medical practitioners.
40 Kyle Goberdhan Individual Mobile Doctor Mobile Doctor is a wireless, hand held diagnostic tool with Wi-Fi connectivity for farmers and small animal owners/breeders to be utilized remotely on-site for  immediate diagnosis of disease by an off-site specialist/veterinarian
41 Christopher Sieuchand Individual TransporTT “TransporTT” describes a proposed system of voluntary registration for nationally registered taxi operators which aims to improve the predictability, reliability, safety and commercial viability of public transport in Trinidad and Tobago.