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Insight – Anthony Inglefield

“It is in the doing that you actually come to understand more about your own idea. You gain more confidence in the relevance of it and how to execute it.”

What inspired you to apply to the programme?

Well I mean I’ve always been keen on looking at new and different ways of doing things, looking to improve processes. A large part of my background is business improvement and efficiency and I’ve been very involved in a long time with implementing business systems. I’ve always been in that kind of mode. When I come across something that seems to be an opportunity to develop a solution, but this particular one came about because we were managing outdoor branding for clients, and quite often we would come across outdated records that were inaccessible and it was just clumsy. The whole administration of the thing was difficult and I kept thinking that there was a solution and couldn’t find any so I said well let’s just develop something.

Did you face any challenges applying to the programme?

i2i, in my experience, is dead simple to enter. I found out about it with seven hours and twenty-one minutes left before the close of entries, and I was able to put together what I needed to enter. Applying to the programme is very easy. You also have reference points on the site and that was where I got most of the information. The submission was very simple. The support from CARIRI particularly was exceptional. I mean they are very supportive, encouraging and ready to meet and discuss, and to help frame a path towards getting a solution if you are stuck.

Where can entrants find confidence to submit their ideas?

Everything you look at comes from somebody having an idea. It’s about looking at the functionality, what the benefits are, how unique it is. Ask yourself if it is going to make a difference to the world, and explore that.

Anthony Inglefield’s submission, Touchpoint, is a web-based application to manage any type of print communication asset through GPS-pinned records on Google maps.