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Inspire – Greer Jones-Woodham

“There is faith…fear moves away as you act on your faith, act on your belief.”

Did you experience any challenges with your entry and how did you overcome them?

No, I applied. Took me a whole month to write the proposal because I had to envisage a lot of stuff: what I would like to do when I retire from teaching, what did I miss in my life that I wanted to return to? Once I put that into perspective in terms of what I wanted to do and where I felt happiest, the answer was more or less there because of my experiences. I was in business before so I was at a prime time in my life to really know what the challenges are and what they would possibly mean now that I am a lot older and I can edit things much faster. I know where the downhill is.

How did you determine your idea was suitable to enter?

I lived my idea for the last 48 years. I had a business before. As a woman living in this country I had to do well by my children. I had to make sure they were educated. I had to do all of that. There is a time in your life when you sit back and you are all alone and you decide what the best part of yourself is. Those moments were real for me and I instinctively knew that this is what I wanted to do again. Because I had put a lot of my life on hold, the idea of me doing this was really something that lived inside of me but was awakened when I saw the advertisement. I began to dream again, seeing myself, envisioning myself doing fabric. Doubts are going to be there because you have to let go of some things to get other things, and I did a lot of that.

What inspires you?

Too many things inspire me. People inspire me, nature inspires me, good works inspire me. Sometimes when I hear all that is going on in Trinidad and Tobago, I just have to keep focus and believe that there is a good side to all of this. I think this competition is a brilliant idea that resonated. There are people around us who inspire us. It is in the everyday things, in the moments where you understand a larger glory. For the creative process to be put in the forefront of everything was amazing to me because somebody sat down and said we can find dreamers.”

What do you say to someone who thinks they are not the right person for this kind of programme?

Think that you are the right person. That’s the first thought. Then give it a shot. Give it a damn good shot because where you are is what is important, how you feel is what is important, what you believe is what is important. You have to put aside all notions of what people say and think and even that critical side of you that says you’re not good enough. There is no way to think, there is no system of how to make things. You just do it. You do it regardless. And if you find yourself doing it more than once, more than twice, more than three times, and it is embedded in you and has become part of you, then you just need to test it and believe that it will survive.

Greer Jones-Woodham’s project, Print House, is a cross-disciplinary approach involving graphic software for the manufacturing of textiles.