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Crafting your application


The application form

This application form is meant to assist you in moving from the pure idea to a developed concept of it (see journey of the idea). We encourage you to dedicate the required time to filling in each field diligently and thinking back to how it relates to the overall development of your idea.

Below is a general guide to filling in each of the relevant fields. On completion and submission of your idea, this application will be put through the evaluation process to determine whether it is matches our criteria well enough to be admitted into the i2i programme.

1: About the idea

SECTION 1: About the idea

In this section, we are trying to encourage you to think through the details of your idea. What is the nature of the idea, what will it look like, and what need/opportunity does it meet? Through these you should be able to start forming a concept of how you might execute the idea and how relevant the idea would be in the marketplace or society.

Questions include:

  • Briefly describe the idea
    This field would serve as the introduction to your idea through your description of the concept. We ask that you ensure you indicate whether the idea is a recombination, fusion, integration, replication or refinement of existing technologies with improved value, enhanced efficiency or cost reduction.

    Help content: What is Innovation [VIDEO]?
    This video should help to contextualize your idea and give you some insight into how innovation works. It is a video from an external source which we have found useful in helping to explain how innovation works.

  • Describe the problem or opportunity being addressed
    This field seeks to draw out from you, the source of your idea or the target at which it is directed.

    Help content: What role do problems play in idea formation, and how can we turn these into opportunities? Here are two short videos courtesy the Stanford Technology Ventures Program on just this

  • Select which of the following project sectors your idea best falls under

    We provide the opportunity for you to indicate which sectors you feel your idea most directly falls under. Note though that this section is simply for classification purposes and has no bearing on the evaluation or scoring of your submission.

2: Execution

SECTION 2: Execution

After developing the concept of the idea above, this section seeks to help you work out how you will create some tangible manifestation of the idea. The following fields will help you to think through the steps of moving that idea to the point of proof of concept.

  • Describe what you would consider as the point of ‘Proof of Concept’ for this

    We invite you to consider the Proof of Concept point as the overall aim of your project for the purposes of i2i. This objective will help you to think through the steps needed to create a usable representation of your concept that can then be taken on to further develop and implement the idea.

    Proof of Concept

    In a broad sense Proof of Concept can be thought of as a demonstration or representation of an idea to show that it can have potential real-world applications. It is a demonstration of feasibility that need not be a full or complete working prototype or representation of the concept being tested.

    Proof of concept means different things in different areas. In the manufacturing sector for example, it can mean the production of a scaled down and ‘bare bones’ prototype of the product to demonstrate its functional capabilities on a small scale. In the services sector, it can include the appropriate examination of a revenue model to test things like service delivery, receptiveness of target audience and cost efficiency. In the IT sector, specifically with software development, it can mean the demonstration of distinct processes through partial solutions with a small number of the intended user base. A popular related concept in the IT industry is the use of the lean methodology and a concept known as ‘Minimum Viable Product’.

  • Describe what skills/talents/knowledge/unique attributes you or your team possess that would help in the execution of this project
    A major focus of i2i is the execution of your concept toward some working demonstration of it. The success of your idea would in part depend on how well you are able to take the necessary steps in developing your concept. As part of evaluating this component, we ask you to demonstrate what relevant attributes and capabilities you, your team or your company bring to the project.

  • Describe your intended work plan

    As part of evaluation the execution component of the submission, we invite you to submit a representation of how you intend to use the funding to move your project toward the point of Proof of Concept. Please follow the guidelines below closely in crafting this element.

    Describe in as much detail as you can the steps you intend to take to achieve this proof of concept point (include intended actions, milestones, success indicators, budgets etc.). Also include intended roles/responsibilities of the different persons within this work plan. If possible, also include why you think the details of this approach are the best option, and highlight any other alternatives you may have considered in crafting this.

    Note: A downloadable workplan table template is included in the application form to help with the crafting of this element.

3: Refining the idea

SECTION 3: Refining the idea

Now that you have developed a concept of your idea and a plan for executing it, this section is meant to help you rethink that idea and ensure that it is properly focused to what you are trying to achieve. On completion of this section, we encourage you to revisit the previous two sections to incorporate any changes or new insights you might have had.

  • Originality

    Describe why this idea is unique as it relates to the problem/opportunity (originality in expression of idea).

    This section is intended to help you explain the innovative step or component of your idea. In thinking through this element in more detail you would be able to better understand what differentiates your idea and makes it valuable. If any new insights are drawn from thinking through this element, they should be reworked into your description of the idea above and in the other elements such as your objectives and workplan.

  • Target market

    Who is the intended target market/audience for this idea?

    This section would help to focus your concept from the point of view of the intended end user. Once you identify who your specific target market is and how they will interact with your product or service, this will again inform how you approach the description of your idea and the execution of it.

4: Moving from i2i

SECTION 4: Moving from idea to innovation

Now that you have settled on a concept of the idea and a plan for execution, this section is meant to draw out how you see this idea progressing after proof of concept. Our tip: don’t be afraid to be ambitious, but do ensure that you are realistic in your projections.

  • Scalability/Exportability
    To what extent can you see this idea scaling up, giving reasons for your response?

    We encourage you to think through what the scope is for this idea, and in what form you can see this idea growing to, to reach the widest subset of persons and have the most impact. This may include scaling either locally, regionally or internationally. The focus here would be an expression of your intention to grow the idea.

  • Describe how you see this idea being expanded upon after proof of concept
    Building from the question above, this question is intended to help you explain how you see yourself scaling the idea after proof of concept. The focus here would be a description of how you intend to achieve the growth outlined in the prior question.

  • From what sources will you receive additional funding for your project?
    This field is included to gather from you how you might finance your development or growth activities after proof of concept. If you also have access to any other sources of funding for the development of the idea to the Proof of Concept point, we ask that you include those here too.

Before You Apply

By now your application should be ready for submission. But wait.

We encourage you to think more broadly than just the i2i though. If you have been able to successfully complete your submission, you would now have a good description and plan of action for your idea whether it be through this programme or elsewhere.

We encourage you to reach out to the entrepreneurial community in Trinidad & Tobago and learn more about how ideas are developed and how you might develop yours whether or not you are successful in this challenge.

A good place to start: T&T Entrepreneurship Directory

Best of luck with your submission!

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