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FAQs for Awardees

1. I have been informed that my project has been awarded. What’s next?

A kick-off workshop will be held for all i2i awardees within one month of the announcement of the results

2. What will the kick- off workshop entail?

Details about the workshop will be provided via email when they have been determined. Generally, the workshop is an opportunity for awardees to get to know each other as well the members of the respective agencies they will be working with throughout the programme: CARIRI, NEDCO and the CCI. Presentations from each agency will be given explaining what awardees should expect during the coming year.

3. What is the next step after the Kick-off Workshop?

Following the workshop, our technical partner, CARIRI will inform awardees when they are to meet with them to discuss their projects. This information is usually made available on CARIRI’s website a few days after the workshop.

4. What takes place at this initial meeting with CARIRI?

Each individual/project team will have an interview with CARIRI with the location to be advised by CARIRI. Matters discussed will include the project work plan, procurement management, grant disbursements and any questions/concerns the awardee may have.

5. What follows the initial meeting with CARIRI?

Following the meeting, a supervisor will be assigned to each project to assist them during the programme. After the work plan has been finalized, the awardees officially being work on their project and have one year to achieve proof-of-concept. CARIRI will be the technical and guiding agency through the programme.

6. I understand that the exact details of the programme will be provided at the workshop and the meeting with CARIRI, but what is a brief description of the programme?

As you know, the winners are chosen by the Independent Evaluation Panel. Following the announcement of the results, the Kick-off workshop is held by the CCI. After, the awardees work with our technical partner, CARIRI, for the duration of the programme. During this time, CARIRI will oversee the participants and provide support as they attempt to achieve proof of concept. All issues and requests (including grant requests) must go through CARIRI. NEDCO, our fund manager, is in charge of disbursing funds.