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Idea Protection & Intellectual Property

Will The Documentation And Materials I Submit Remain Confidential?

  • Your submissions/files will be secured to ensure that there is no breach of confidentiality by the staff and members of the CCI and our partners.
  • For this year, we are using the Younoodle online platform for accepting and evaluating submissions. As a result, the handling of your submission will be governed by the Younoodle Terms and Privacy Policy which can be found at these locations:

o   Terms:

o   Privacy Policy:

  • Confidentiality agreements are being signed with all agents and partners in this competition to ensure that your ideas are not taken away or used for the benefit of any third party.
  • Type of Intellectual Property Protection – Patents, Industrial designs and Integrated circuits. Please read more here:

These forms of IP fall under industrial property and require an application process and substantive examination before rights are granted.

NB: The Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development and the CCI give all assurances that the applicant shall remain the sole owner of their idea and that no steps will be taken by the Ministry and the CCI to assert any claims to any ideas presented.

How To Proceed With My Application

Applicants’ submitted proposal should allow for ‘enabling disclosure’, that is, the ideas presented should be sufficient to allow for evaluation and searching.

NB: Ideas must be “new” and “workable” to be considered eligible.

What happens to my application?

All submissions shall be subject to two stages of evaluation: by an independent expert Evaluation Panel and a Pre-Screening Panel set up by the CCI.

The Pre-Screening Panel shall select a short list of submissions to go forward for evaluation.

The Evaluation Panel shall select the final list of submissions that are deserving of awards, as well as the recommended amount of the awards.

The final list of submissions shall be submitted to the CCI for its final approval for funding.

Intellectual Property Rights may not accrue if:

  • an idea is not new
  • an idea is not workable (i.e must be industrially applicable)

NB: This does not mean that your idea may not be a good business model. It simply means it is not protectable and you will not be able to exclude others from using it.

For Your Information

  • Did you know that you have one (1) year from full public disclosure of your idea within which to file for Intellectual Property protection from the Intellectual Property Office?
  • If your submission has global applicability and may be worth filing in other jurisdictions outside of Trinidad and Tobago, foreign considerations or rules with respect to this grace period may be important as not all countries grant a 12-month grace period.
  • Your invention/innovation must then be examined by the IP Office before they can ascertain whether your invention/innovation can get IP protection as an exclusive right.
  • By submitting an application to this competition, all applicants agree to adhere to the rules and will not subject any rules or the executing agency to its partners, the CCI, to legal objection or litigation.
  • The Ministry and the CCI guarantees that the i2i competition shall be conducted in keeping with all the practices of good governance and that all evaluation processes shall be conducted independently and without interference by the Ministry and the CCI.

The Following Are The 3 Criteria For Protection Under Patent Applications:

  • What makes an invention or innovation “new”? – To be considered new for patents and industrial designs, the invention must not have been disclosed anywhere in the world in any form for not more than 12 months before the application date.
  • “Inventive step” or “non-obviousness” – The invention must be beyond the state-of-the-art at the time of application or non-obvious to persons with average skill in the art.
  • What makes an invention or innovation “workable”? This is the expectation that the invention will conform to the laws of physics and thermodynamics (in such cases it is a technical invention).
  • Note: All submissions will not attract IP rights. However, for the purposes of this competition, outside of possible patentability, “new” will refer to all ideas, innovations and inventions which are completely original in form, and have not appeared anywhere in the world (patentable), or an improvement on existing products or services, or which are new to the Trinidad and Tobago market (the latter may not be patentable).

If You Wish To File A Patent Application Or Obtain More Information On Patents, You May Contact The Ipo Office At:

Intellectual Property Office
3rd Floor Capital Plaza
11-13 Frederick Street,