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Planning Ministry launches Idea 2 Innovation (i2i) Competition

Posted: Thu 1 May 2014

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Potential innovators and inventors will be able to access grants of $75,000 to $200,000 to bring their ideas to proof of concept following the launch of the third rounds of the idea to innovation (i2i) competition, at the Hilton Hotel, on Thursday May 1, 2014. The i2i competition is being launched by the Council for Competitiveness and Innovation (CCI) of the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development and is part of a $10million Innovation Financing Facility established by Government, to provide finance for enterprises and initiatives that will contribute measurably to the sustainable development of Trinidad and Tobago.  Minister of Planning and Sustainable Development, Dr. Bhoendradatt Tewarie will launch the competition.

The i2i competition is the brainchild of the Council for Competitiveness and Innovation (CCI) of the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development. The competition was conceived as a platform for innovators and inventors to submit proposals for innovative projects and creative initiatives that will bring value to the key economic growth sectors. This is in keeping with Government’s economic diversification strategy, away from oil and gas, by encouraging innovation in seven following areas: energy, food sustainability, culture and creative industries, maritime, tourism, financial and ICT.

Last year 53 winners were chosen from 471 submissions by individuals, groups and companies. The categories which gained the most grants in the 2013 competition were Manufacturing and Manufacturing-related with 13, followed by Services with 12 and ICT with 10. Creative Industries gained six, while 2 awards were amassed by each of the following categories: primary agriculture and agro processing activities, bio-technology, creative industries, information and communication industries, alternative/remedial energy/energy efficiency, environment (clean technologies and eco-related activities), bio-waste and other waste (including recycling activities) and tourism.

Some of the successful 2013 projects included construction of solar dryers for sun-dried banana production; increasing engine efficiency by modifying the turbo charger; creation of an automotive sleep immobilizer; immersive language application; birds of Trinidad and Tobago App; evaporative cooler; portable automatic water closet; Wi-Fi library; and electronic guided tours of Trinidad and Tobago to name a few.  The full list of winners and their projects are listed in i2i website

Over the year-long programme life span, participants will be part of a series of developmental workshops organized by both CARIRI and CCI. Although the CCI has responsibility for the overall management of the competition, technical support to the awardees will be provided by CARIRI. Awards will be disbursed to participants by NEDCO on behalf of the Ministry, at different phases of the programme lifespan.

To qualify for the 2014 i2i competition, projects will be required to meet the following criteria: the invention of a new product or service; the improvement of a new product or service; a new process of adding value to  a Trinidad and Tobago sourced raw material; the products, services or processes should  be able to find a market or use in local or export market; project impact, driving social benefit and creation of sustainable, high quality jobs, targeting critical areas of national recovery, health and wellness, food security and creative industries.

The Council for Competitiveness and Innovation was inaugurated in January 2011 and comprise a Board chaired by Mr. Richard Lewis with both private and public sector membership. These members are Mr. Francis Lewis, Mr. Nicholas Galt, Mr. Dinesh Ragoo, Mr. Chris Arshard Hosein, Ms. Cheva Alexander, and Ms. Beena Poliah-Mahadeo.  The core mandate of the Council is to improve the competitiveness of Trinidad and Tobago with its initial focus being on championing the national importance and awareness of innovation and competitiveness; improving the country Global Competitiveness Index ranking; and supporting the process of the development of a National Innovation Policy and a National Innovation System.

The competition runs for six weeks, from May 1 to June 13. Application forms and details of the 2014 competition are available online at For further information, please call the CCI’s Hotline: 800-2444.

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