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Our Partners



CARIRI is our technical partner for the i2i programme. They are tasked with overseeing the developmental activities of awardees during the year long programme component of i2i towards achieving proof of concept, and they serve as the primary point of contact for awardees. These activities are co-ordinated out of their Centre for Enterprise Development in Freeport.


NEDCONEDCO works with i2i on two fronts.

Firstly, the agency acts as the fund manager for the i2i grant. They work closely with CARIRI during the programme component to disburse funds based on the needs of the awardees in relation to their workplans.

Secondly, the agency offers their entrepreneurial assessment and training services to awardees within the programme as part of the i2i package of benefits. These help awardees to understand their needs as innovators/entrepreneurs and it provides an avenue for these persons to address these needs.



UTT has been on a journey to transform itself into an entrepreneurial university. As part of this drive, they have been close partners with i2i and have provided support along various stages of the process.

UTT recently launched a Business Incubator called uStart.