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Why enter

i2i is for anyone with an idea that they’re not quite sure what to do with. Working through the application process provides an opportunity to help you think through the idea and develop the concept. Once you’ve done this, we invite you to submit that concept to us for the opportunity to gain grant funding and technical support to prove the feasibility of that concept.

i2i is a great fit for inventors, innovators, and persons who think that they’d like to get into some sort of entrepreneurial activity. The challenge is open to all Trinidad and Tobago nationals with ideas from any sector or background. For more on ‘eligibility’, we invite you to visit our Rules & Guidelines page.

What you can gain

  • Grant funding (between $75,000 and $200,000, depending on the specific needs of the project workplan)
  • Workplan guidance and technical support (provided by CARIRI)
  • Community support from i2i peers and industry professionals (provided through workshops, seminars etc.)

After i2i

On successful completion of the i2i programme phase where proof of concept would have been achieved, participants then have the opportunity to pursue commercialization of the idea themselves or sell it on to a third party through mechanisms such as licensing or sale agreements.

It should be noted that the i2i programme only takes participants up to the point of proof-of-concept. After this point, it is largely up to successful participants to pursue commercialization of their now developed and proven ideas. For more information about other sources of support, check out the Entrepreneurship Directory.